Business History

AANGEL KIDS LTD (here on referred to as “AANGEL KIDS”) was registered as a limited company in 2012 

(Com. Reg. 9818008).  

Founder/Director Rodcliffe Soares set up the company as a channel for bringing different innovative products to the mass market in the UK.

Prior to setting up this business, Rodcliffe has successfully developed and marketed healthy eating beverages under the banner of Nature Field, a business he created and now co-owned in Jamaica. Nature Field produced and distributed products which include Nature Field–coconut water, orange and blended energy enhancement drinks all over the Caribbean Islands.
Upon immigrating to the UK in 2001, Rodcliffe has worked in the construction industry, though his interest remains in designing innovative products to meet individual, family and lifestyle needs in the market as was the case with Nature Field products highlighted above.  He had his Eureka moment reflecting on the period of time of raising three kids and as a grandparent. 

The problem parents, especially mothers have with having to often buy replacement feeding bottles because children often drop the cap of the bottles whilst playing with them (most frustrating whilst on a stroller outside the home) or mothers/fathers forgetting to put the caps on properly whilst rushing about to complete their daily activities.  There is also the health and safety issue with exposed teats of baby bottles for the child and the default effect on the parents having to take time of work or other social activities to take care of sick babies.   

Reflecting on his shared experience of buying replacement bottles with other parents got Rodcliffe thinking about ways of preventing children from losing the caps of their bottles. This thought process let to the conception of an improved baby feeding bottle tagged ‘AANGEL baby feeding bottle’(see page… for image).
AANGEL baby feeding bottle incorporates a cap that screws in to the base of the bottle when the feeding teat is in use.  This means that the cap cannot be lost when put down. This innovative feature of the design of this bottle is its unique selling point and the essence of this innovative product.  The design as been patented in the UK.


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